Introducing Verizon Connect

Verizon Connect is a product designed to help you communicate richly and efficiently with the people who matter most.

Extensive animations and videos were produced to demonstrate the interaction model as well as various signature moments and stylistic and user friendly interactions.

Developing Use Cases

We documented 150+ detailed use cases across the entire product experience to give the breadth and depth necessary for the Verizon development team to move forward creating the product. Detailed use cases included annotations, interaction guidelines, and animations that detailed the interaction model and motion within the app. 

Our Three Pillars

While developing this product, we asked ourselves three things: Is what we are making efficient for the user? Is it a rich and immersive experience that will make them want to come back and use it again? And lastly, are the interactions and focus around people and not features?

A Rich Experience

Chat, locations, voicemail, media and more all in one location

Conversations are visually rich with edge-to-edge photos and videos collaged in the thread

Integrated location sharing is just a swipe away

An Efficient Experience

New conversations start from the same place, whether it’s a voice call, text message, or group video chat. Once established though, use quick actions to speed things up.

Quickly capture and send photos and videos easily with an inline camera on the mobile phones

Search and filter your content for what matters most — texts, voicemails, call records, media, locations.

With The People Who Matter Most

By connecting your social networks, real-time data will be fed into the app notifying you of upcoming life events (birthday, relationship status, moves to a new city, etc) or nearby friends who may be in your area.

Create groups based on common interests, events, and anything you can think of with the Named Groups feature. 

Access your profile and sharing settings at any time and manage all names, numbers, addresses and more with A-Z contacts

Design & Craft

Verizon Connect aimed to provide a lot of complex interactions, but not complicated ones. By providing access to everything a user might need within the three tabs, we’ve provided the richest, most efficient, and people-centric design possible. The user can focus on their conversation history, or easily multi-task if needed, and each of the more complex actions are scaffolded to easily be discovered when appropriate and contextually relevant. The app was built with both the android smartphone and tablet in mind, leveraging the newly released material design guidelines for the visual and interaction design foundation.







Interaction Design


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