Stories From Taiwan

Stories From Taiwan

After graduating from the Hong Kong Polytechnic with my masters in Interaction Design, a few friends / fellow classmates took what amounted to a graduate trip around Taiwan. The plan was loose and unformed, but we had 3 weeks and the goal was to fly into Taipei, rent bicycles, and cycle around the entire coast until we ended up back in Taipei. What follows is a compilation of my time cycling Taiwan with my friends — over 1000+km , endless amounts of food, beautiful views, and wonderful people.

Charles, Edward, and myself after a particularly long riding stretch through a rainstorm.

Riding past locals all the time, they would often shout encouragement — this farmer in particular stopped us and offered us watermelons from his field.

There are temples and places of worship everywhere in Taiwan, even tucked inside cliffs.

Walking amongst the tea fields in the Alishan Mountains — one of the most famous places tea is grown.

We happened upon this group of guys up in the mountains and they were eating, drinking, and shouting. A bunch of happy people, and they called us over to join them for food and drinks and even though we couldn’t speak their language we got along great, and got very drunk in the process. It wasn’t until we were leaving that we found out they were celebrating their father’s death – for he had died the previous day at the age of 92. In Taiwan they told us, if a person dies under 90 you mourn, if they are over 90 you celebrate.

Edward’s grandparents were kind enough to host us for a night, and they offered us more fruit during our stay than I could believe. They also loved snapping photos.

My instructor told me everything in Taiwanese and then pushed me off the mountain, I had to improvise.

Street markets were everywhere and you could buy ANY type of food, and it would be incredible.

The three of us celebrating that we had just ascended to the highest point on our ride.

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