Envisioning the Future of Connected Riding

Unlike the car industry, motorcycles have been slow to adopt much of the new technology available both on the bike or for the rider. Harley Davidson is a brand synonymous with motorcycling, heritage and the american spirit but have struggled to evolve amongst the changing landscape of riders, technology, and the demand from both.

Frog was brought in to reimagine the ways riders interact with the H-D bikes and what the next generation of connected riders will look like. The project focused on building a UX structure that enabled a simple and intuitive multi-modal display and control of infotainment on cruisers or non-faired motorcycles, with the assumption that it would be implementable on a 2018 model, affordable, and feasible.

Augmenting the Ecosystem

Augment your riding experience by adding connected gear that simplifies your tasks while at the same time improves safety.

Inputs & Outputs

Here we bring the pieces together and define how they work with one another to create a system that best utilizes technology for the sake of the rider experience, and not vice versa. Our inputs & outputs include the hand controls, digital gauge, smartphone app, and alerts. 

Experience Strategy

Our goal was to find ways to integrate connected intelligence using networked technologies to deliver smarter riding through a system that can interact and scale seamlessly. To do this, we focused on developing our concepts as part of an ecosystem, rather than bolt-on additions, that could leverage current rider technology. We want Harley riders to enjoy all the benefits of technology without interrupting their ride, to let them tailor the experience.

Telling the Story & Takeaways

After identifying from research our six areas of focus, and defining what we wanted the rider experience to be in the experience strategy, we set off to tell our story. Over 50 storyboards were developed to tell various use cases and user journeys, all of which tied back to specific target categories. Some of our storyboards and concepts focused on navigation, others on safety or security, and some others on community and group riding. These storyboards were useful in conveying our product concepts, but also in thinking through how a rider will interface with the various touchpoints. More research, testing, and due diligence needs to be done to address many of the difficulties that arise when developing for the motor vehicle industry, but this project was a fascinating deep-dive into the possibilities.





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