A One Month Web Experiment


To prove Domino’s commitment to its transparency and quality food preparation, we gave customers a peek behind the scenes. Installing five cameras into a real Domino’s store in Salt Lake City, customers could watch all the pizza-making action streamed, live and uncut, 12 hours a day. All this to show Domino’s cares about its food and isn’t afraid to give the public a look.



The focus of the website was to be on the live-streaming videos. We needed to emphasize the video streams that were available to watch, as well as include some form of interaction to engage audiences. These wireframes were developed to create a framework to test our ideas and prototype. Initially, a Facebook comment field was included in the wires, as seen on the right.

Building For Mobile

Acknowledging that the experience is much different for mobile users, we designed a simple interface to put the videos front and center and as easy to access as possible. Videos can’t auto-play from mobile, so we hid each video stream behind an image, and upon tapping users would launch a full-screen video takeover for that station. Because users can’t simultaneously watch and chat/comment, we decided to pull this functionality from the mobile experience. This also influenced our decision to pull out the “Like” light interaction from mobile because of technical complications that resulted in a poor user experience.


Bringing It To Life

Before we could get the client onboard and sell them fully on this idea of installing cameras into their store to stream live, we needed to assure them we could do it. To do this we internally built a prototype website and our team flew out to a real Domino’s store to install cameras for our test run. Seeing the project come to life in this prototype answered a slew of questions for our team. Over the next few weeks we worked out exactly how we wanted the cameras situated, what the interactions would be on screen for the user, and how to best optimize the content to keep the experience as seamless and smooth as possible.


Capturing Everyone’s Attention

We worked closely with Stink Digital (New York) to push the design beyond just a video browser to come up with a slick, intuitive user interface. After a few iterations we landed upon a design that leveraged large-screen streaming video, hinted at additional videos, and introduced supplemental content through a discreet tab on the bottom of the page. We also pushed the design to a flat minimalist aesthetic, moving away from Domino’s traditional glossy buttons and busy content.


A Top-Down Look At The Experience

To quickly convey a variety of elements that need to be considered and understand how they will act together, a user flow was drawn up. This gives a high-level overview of how the experience works and gets the team aligned on what we are creating.


Brand Transparency For The Digital Age

For the company that has had to overcome the ‘booger’ fiasco from 2009 where employees posted gross-out videos of themselves ruining the food, Domino’s has come a long way. Trusting their employees, their food, and us to create a great experience featuring great food — we’ve been able to create the most successful digital campaign for Domino’s ever.

1 million +

Visitors Came To The Site

270K +

Users Tuned In To Watch Live

5 min +

Average Time Spent On The Site

16K +

Sent Their Names To Our ‘Like’ Light

375 million +

Earned Media Impressions (with no paid media support)



Crispin Porter + Bogusky, Stink Digital New York


User Experience Design


May 2013

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