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Crispin Porter + Bogusky is a global integrated advertising agency who’s mission is to create the most written about, talked about, and outrageously effective work in the world. The website redesign was meant to reflect this mission and create a platform that tells the story of CP+B, while highlighting the impact, diversity, and craft of the work — all while driving business needs.

Previous website (left) — New website (right)

Getting Started

This wasn’t just a re-skin job of the previous website, but a rethinking of the site from the ground up. The site architecture was overhauled, the content redefined and designed, the look and feel evolved, and the user experience pushed to the forefront. Whether it was tempting new recruits, getting CMO’s excited about working with us, or the layman understanding what it is we do, the website aimed to put our best foot forward no matter who was visiting.

Design & Craft

We approached the design from a mobile first perspective, with a focus on narrowing and defining the content we would be highlighting on the site. With the content in place, myself and a visual designer worked to define a series of templates that could be used throughout the site. The templates could scale to various breakpoints and work well on mobile, tablet, or desktop screens. Users visiting the site will have a very similar experience across any device, with big beautiful imagery grabbing their attention first, delightful micro interactions, and an easily navigable site that empowers users to uncover more of the content.

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User Experience Design


September 2014


You Can't Leave Without Seeing All This

Harley Davidson Connected Riding

HMI Vision

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Verizon Connect

Android Mobile & Tablet

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Domino’s Anyware

Responsive Web

Domino's iPad Ordering App

Domino’s Ordering App

iPad App

handmade by

Handmade By Domino’s

Responsive Parallax Website

Dom's Live intro

Domino’s Live

Interactive Web

flux portfolio alt


Interactive Installation

moiselle intro

Moiselle ‘M’

Interactive Retail Experience